Dark Nights in Billtown

Dark Nights in Billtown is an intimate theatrical experience in “found spaces” (rooms that are not traditional theatre spaces, but have been adapted for theatrical purposes). We invite you to join us in this uniquely distinct theatre experience. Join us for Dark Nights in Billtown

Why Dark Nights?

What happens in those weeks between shows at the Williamston Theatre? After a show closes, the next show’s set is “loaded in” to the theatre space and rehearsals begin.  The powerful lighting instruments aren’t in use, so we say that the theatre has “gone dark”.  During those “dark nights,” the Williamston Theatre Four (Tony, Chris, Emily, and John) miss the ebb and flow of the community in and out of the theatre’s doors…And they started to ask themselves…What if we transformed other spaces in the building into temporary performance spaces?…What if we did staged readings of plays, which require much less rehearsal than a full production and no design process?  And what if we staged readings of plays that provoked thought and discussion about current issues? Thus, Dark Nights in Billtown was born.

2013-2014 Dark Nights in Billtown

What does it mean to come of age in the 21st century?  Millennials, like every generation, face their own set of challenges that will shape who they become. For this season’s Dark Nights in Billtown staged reading series, Williamston Theatre will present three plays that explore how young people today survive in the age of mass shootings and online bullying.

This year’s Dark Nights in Billtown took place May 1 – 3, 2014. Thanks to all who attended our three staged readings. We are currently planning the Dark Nights in Billtown events for the 2014-2015 Season. Stay tuned for updates!