Dark Nights in Billtown

Dark Nights in Billtown is an intimate theatrical experience in “found spaces” (rooms that are not traditional theatre spaces, but have been adapted for theatrical purposes). We invite you to join us in this uniquely distinct theatre experience. Join us for Dark Nights in Billtown

2013-2014 Dark Nights in Billtown

What does it mean to come of age in the 21st century?  Millennials, like every generation, face their own set of challenges that will shape who they become. For this season’s Dark Nights in Billtown staged reading series, Williamston Theatre will present three plays that explore how young people today survive in the age of mass shootings and online bullying.

Seating is limited for all readings. Reservations may be made beginning on Tuesday, April 22 by calling the box office at (517) 655-7469 during regular box office hours.
Admission: Suggested donation of $10 at the door.

Thursday, May 1 at 8pm
By Eric Lane

Eric Lane’s poignant and hilarious play Ride takes three teenage girls on a life-changing road trip. While Carrie and Molly would never hang out together at high school, the two form a fragile bond during their job at a local farm stand. Molly convinces Carrie to join her on an unexpected road trip, which deepens their connection. Sam, Carrie’s eleven-year-old sister, joins them and creates the bridge the older girls need to move forward. All three girls are keeping secrets, which unfold over the course of their adventure. Throughout the play, Carrie recalls the life of Anne Frank, the subject of a high-school composition. Carrie wonders if everybody isn’t living in hiding in their own secret annex. The girls’ true selves begin to emerge; their “ride” is both a physical and emotional one.

Friday, May 2 at 8pm
By A. Rey Pamatmat

Three kids — Kenny, his sister Edith, and their friend Benji — are all but abandoned on a farm in remotest Middle America. With little adult supervision, they feed and care for each other, making up the rules as they go.

Saturday, May 3 at 8pm
By Carter W. Lewis

Clay and Gloria Matthews are living every respectable parent’s nightmare. Their increasingly distant son, Danny, has just been expelled for bringing a gun to school…and then the intervention barbecue is torpedoed by his fiery accomplice-girlfriend, Evie. As twilight falls and tempers flare, a precarious dance of cat-and-mouse is set in motion.


Why Dark Nights?

What happens in those weeks between shows at the Williamston Theatre? After a show closes, the next show’s set is “loaded in” to the theatre space and rehearsals begin.  The powerful lighting instruments aren’t in use, so we say that the theatre has “gone dark”.  During those “dark nights,” the Williamston Theatre Four (Tony, Chris, Emily, and John) miss the ebb and flow of the community in and out of the theatre’s doors…And they started to ask themselves…What if we transformed other spaces in the building into temporary performance spaces?…What if we did staged readings of plays, which require much less rehearsal than a full production and no design process?  And what if we staged readings of plays that provoked thought and discussion about current issues? Thus, Dark Nights in Billtown was born.