Your Role
Our philosophy at the Williamston Theatre has always been, “Our Theatre is Your Theatre.” We live by that and are kept alive by that. We work hard to ensure that our productions resonate with our audiences. The support that we receive from our loyal donors and volunteers ensures that our doors stay open. This symbiotic relationship is at the very essence of our existence and defines our role in the community.

Ticket revenue covers only 45% of our annual expenses each year. Part of our mission is to keep live theatre affordable to all, and so our ticket prices stay reasonable and we offer special discounts to seniors and students. If you believe in the importance of the arts in your community, if you want to ensure that the Williamston Theatre’s doors stay open for years to come, please consider deepening your investment in the Williamston Theatre. It is only through the generosity of hundreds of supporters every year that the Williamston Theatre is able to create extraordinary productions that challenge, entertain and stimulate audiences while maintaining tickets prices at a level accessible to all theatergoers.

WT 2011 Annual Report

Individual Support
Becoming a donor provides you with unique experiences, access to great theater and extraordinary artists – close to home. When you give to the Williamston Theatre, you play a tremendous role in bringing our artistic dreams, and your stories, to life. Your patronage allows us to produce high-quality, regionally recognized productions.

Donations of any amount are important to achieve our fundraising goals, are always appreciated and help to keep the doors of the Williamston Theatre open. The Williamston Theatre is a 501(c)3, not-for-profit organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. Click here to make a contribution over our secure server.

We are also in need of many items that may be donated in-kind. Click here for an updated wish list of our needs.

Members of our Signature Society pledge to support the Williamston Theatre with annual gifts of $1,000 or more and are invited to special behind-the-scenes events and parties at the Williamston Theatre and in the homes of our Signature Society Committee Members.

The Williamston Theatre has volunteer opportunities for those interested in ushering, working on set strikes or doing administrative support. We also need lots of help with our various fundraising events.For more information about donating to the Williamston Theatre of becoming a volunteer, contact Emily Sutton-Smith at 517-655-7469 ext. 25 or via e-mail at emily at

Make your voice heard!
The Williamston Theatre has been the recipient of many state arts grants from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs which have supported both programming and capital improvement projects. These grants have made the difference between our success and failure. Unfortunately, since 2000 the MCACA budget has been reduced by 93%, plunging Michigan to 48th out of 50 states in its support of the arts. Arts and cultural events and organizations contribute to the uniqueness of our region, document our shared history and enhance the quality of life in Michigan. But arts and cultural organizations also employ 75,000 people, represent 21,000 creative businesses and were responsible for $1.8 billion dollars of cultural tourism revenue in 2008. Looking to the future, the states with the most diverse and vibrant arts offerings will be the ones that attract businesses and retain its brightest citizens.

If you think that the arts are important to both our hearts and our wallets, contact your state representative and senator and let them know that you support funding for the arts. It is only by hearing the voice of the people that our elected officials will know where our priorities lie.

Click here to find out who your state senator is.
Click here to find out who your state representative is.